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GLOBAL HYDRAULICS REP - Sharjah Industrial Area - Sharjah

    Company Profile:MARINE DIVISION - Our Specialties: Winches - Repairing & Servicing. Deck Mounted Cranes - Fabrication, supply, repairing & servicing. Hydraulic Power Packs - Fabrication, supply, repairing & servicing. Hydraulic Jacks - Fabrication, supply, repairing & servicing. Hydraulic Pumps - Supply, repairing & servicing. Installation of all kinds of steel pipe lines. Steering Automation & Hydraulic works. Hydraulic Repairs of Mother Tankers, Cargo Vessels, etc.. Main Engine Generators - Repairing & servicing. Hatch Cover - Fabrication and repairing. HYDRAULIC DIVISION- Our Specialties: Hydraulic / Pneumatic Hoses and Fittings. Hydraulic Motors / Pumps Overhauling. High Pressure Valves Overhauling. Hydraulic Jack Refurbishment. Hydraulic Pressure Line Installation. High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses Supply. Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Jacks of all dimensions. Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Power Packs of all dimensions. INDUSTRIAL DIVISION - Our Specialties: Troubleshooting of Shearing machine, Sheet bending & Cutting Machine. Troubleshooting of Line Foaming Machine & Radial Drill Machine. Troubleshooting of Hydraulic Ramp. Forklift Hydraulic works Mobile Crane - Mounting, repairing, fabrication and supply Structural fabrication Heavy steel fabrication Fabrication of water proofing foaming machine. Fabrication of road marking paint mixing unit. Conveyor belt structure design & fabrication. Circular bodied tanks Beams / Truss fabrication. Silo - Design and fabrication. Nitrogen Cylinder Refilling. Other related fabrication works.

  • Phone: 065423040 / 0556209377
  • Fax:065431350
  • Location : Sharjah
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    All Kinds of Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings

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    All Kinds of Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings, Seals, O-Rings, Cylinders, Valves, Pumps, Tubing, Winches,Power Pack, Cranes, Steering Systems Etc.. Sales and Services

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