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AEC MIDDLE EAST FZE - Al Ghuwair Market, Sharjah - Sharjah

    Company Profile:UPS Systems Batteries & Battery Chargers Generators Power & control transformers Busbar Trunking Systems Changeover Switches Circuit Breakers Control Panels & Components Disconnection Switches Enclosures Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Power, Control & Instrumentation Cables Voice & Data Cables Lighting Control Devices & System Cable Terminations Emergency Lighting System Security & Access Control Systems Cable containments Light fitting components - lamps, Ignitors, Ballasts, Starters etc. Actuators for air control dampers in HVAC systems. Valves for HVAC water circuits Volumetric flow and pressure control for VAV and CAV units System Pumps & control panels Water purification systems Pipes & fittings Differential Pressure Instruments, Indicators, Switches Etc. Actuators & Valves Transmitters, Recorders, Meters, Sensors Etc. Explosion proof fittings Special cables & Terminations Explosion-Protected Luminaries Explosion-Protected Plugs and Sockets Explosion-Protected Terminal Boxes Explosion-Protected Switchgears Explosion-Protected Switch and Distribution Installations

  • Phone: 065216769 0555397005
  • Fax:065218457
  • Location : Sharjah
  • Email:  (Click here to send enquiry)
  • Website:



    Suppliers of Electrical, Instrumentation, Security and Fire Alarm Systems

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    Battery Chargers Made in Italy

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