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PROBE MANUFACTURING LLC - Al Qouz Industrial Area - Dubai

    Company Profile:Probe offers in the arena of belts for Process/Conveyor and Transmission belt applications. customized belts for every FOOD INDUSTRY- We offer special belts for specific applications, picking from a bouquet of products by leading brands Nitta and Volta, each of whom are renowned specialists in their respective product categories like; Special Blue belts for homogenous material from Volta - ensuring low bacteria counts and eliminating contamination to improve shelf life of finished products. Highly Antistatic and Flame Retardant belts from Nitta for Sugar & Tea industry. Custom Patterned belts to provide conveying properties as per specific products like: High grip of oily or wet food products such as fish, bread and meats, Non sticking surface for applications like macaroni, chocolate etc. Special impression belts to give products identification/differentiation Specific different belts for each different application in confectionery, biscuits, bakeries & chips industries. PRINTING INDUSTRY- Gravure rotary Press (Acceleration, Delivery, Exit Stacker), Offset Sheet - Fed Press - Sheet Feeder, Offset Web Press, Newspaper Rotary Press (Folder, Chopper, Exit Stacker), Collator (Vertical Conveyance, Exit), Folding Machine, Saddle Stitcher Line, Bookbinder (Collation, Feeding, Projection, Delivery, Infeed, Trimmer, Stacker), We also provide special belt for specific function/application of machines like; Polybelt - Super Strong Polyamide Core, extended life, for high operating duty cycles. Polysprint - High Strength Polyester Core, quick melt urethane and easy installation for reducing downtime. Carryflex - Unique molded design for reliable long term use in overhead conveyor applications, including stackers, finishing machinery, feeders and trimmers. PACKAGING INDUSTRY- Probe offers special belts for specific functions, in particular for Corrugated Industry like; RT Rough Top belts - a special belt designed and developed for conveying corrugated cardboards, Nitta Folder Gluer XH series belts with high abrasion resistant rubber, without marking the paper. Nitta Super Endless Feeder belts are truly endless and made of a special ruber with a high coefficient of friction and high abrasion resistance on the transporting surface. General Conveyors, Specially Fabricated Belts,Probe uses polyurethane elastomer Timing belts, Treadmill Belts, High Performance Composite V-Belt.Additional Number-043394054

  • Phone: 043394052 05552217863
  • Fax:043394051
  • Location : Dubai
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